Mexican Cockfight Advocates Call for Legalization

Cockfight supporters protested outside the Veracruz state Congress to demand for amendment of the Animal Protection Law, which illegalizes cockfighting.


“We ask for the authorities’ help to keep cockfighting within the legal framework,” commented by a gamecock breeder, Marisa Chapa.

She said that cockfighting was regulated and a taxable activity, helping 500,000 families for a livelihood. Veracruz has the largest number of gamecock breeders and cockfight promoters in the country.

Protestors stated that the sport has built an industry, with laboratories, feeds, and weaponry facilities erected to cater the breeders.

They added that a gallero, a gamecock breeder, earns from Mex$5,000 to Mex$10,000 a month raising the birds.

Chapa added that the roosters are provided with a quality life.

Citing the study conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Chapa justified the legalization of the practice as it is part of the birds’ nature.

“It’s their nature; we do not force them to fight and there’s no cruelty involved. That’s why [roosters] are isolated at six months old, because otherwise they would kill each other.”

“There is no way they’re stopping it,” Chapa said, warning that if state legislators refused to amend the law in favor of legalizing it, the practice will still continue.

Legal protection has been issued to the breeders and organizers that allow them continue doing cockfighting.

National Action Party has presented their points to exclude cockfighting, bullfighting, and other similar activities from the Animal Protection Law.

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