Man Abducted After Winning in Cockfight

Warlie Tan, an executive of a plastic bag packaging company, was abducted and robbed by four men in Mandaluyong City after winning P200,000 in a cockfight.

His captors wore bonnets and were armed with high-powered firearms and handguns. After realizing that Tan was not carrying the cash prize from the cockfight, his captors let him go and settled for his ATM card and the P7,000 cash he had on him.

The 36-year-old Tan said he noticed that he was being followed by a white Toyota Vios after leaving the San Juan Cockpit Arena around 8:30 p.m. so he hid the cash prize inside his vehicle.

When he parked near his house in Mandaluyong City, four armed men, three of them wearing masks, alighted from the Vios and surrounded him.

According to Tan, one of the suspects introduced himself as a policeman and they forcibly dragged him into the Vios.

Tan said they tried to handcuff him inside the Vios while asking him where the cash prize was. One of the suspects also attempted to put a sachet of what appeared to be “shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride) in his pocket but did not push through with it. All the while, the Vios was roving around the Barangay Wack Wack area.

“They were pondering on killing me but they said they would give me a chance,” Tan said, adding that they threatened to go after him and his family if he went to the police.

Tan was eventually released by his captors and he took a cab, which brought him home.

The following day, Tan went to the National Police Commission to ask for help. Insp. Marvin Trigo of Napolcom-Central office later inspected the area where the alleged kidnapping took place before accompanying Tan to the Mandaluyong police.

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