Malaysian Poultry Safe for Consumption –Gov’t Says

Amid the bird flu outbreak in Malaysia, government says that chickens and eggs in the market are safe for consumption.

The strict measures being followed by the suppliers made sure that the supplies are free from H5N1 virus, according to the Veterinary Services Department.

“The level of precaution in other states (except for Kelantan), which remain free (of H5N1) is at an all-time high,” statement said.

The department says that a total of 37,862 birds and 15,450 eggs have been culled.

The 30 km radius in Kampung Pulau Tebu were in force to contain the virus. This includes Kota Baru, Pasir Mas, Pasir Puteh, Tumpat, Tanah Merah and Bachok.

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