Maggots Found in Coles Chicken


Darryl Colville bought two sealed packs of chickens from Coles for dinner with his family only to lose appetite mid-meal. Colville’s daughter discovered maggots from the one of the chickens. The family then found the same from the unopened pack. The packs of chicken were date stamped at 11:59 a.m. on Sunday (November 6), half an hour before he bought them. Colville received a call from the store manager after he complained on Coles’ Facebook page. Photos posted by Colville show as many as 20 maggots inside the unopened pack.

”We take the quality of the products we sell seriously and are following up with the customer to investigate,” a Coles spokesperson said.

It is the second time inside the past two months that Coles received a complaint for maggots being found in hot chickens. Just last September, a woman complained she found maggots in a chicken bought from Rockingham Coles.

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