Legalization of Cockfighting Pushed in Hawaii

Cockfight enthusiasts in Hawaii scored a minor victory in their bid to legalize cockfighting again. A House Committee in the State adopted two resolutions calling for legislators to support cockfighting as a cultural activity. Resolutions do not have the power of law, but it’s a nice step forward for cockers.

Watch this video.

Hawaii Heroes Achieved Cockfighting Sports Legalization 1st Step

Hawaii Heroes Achieved Cockfighting Legalization First StepStand Up. Do Your Part. Be An Activist. Worldwide.Unconstitutional Laws Have The History of Being Repealed.1933 – Prohibition was repealed by 21st Amendment2009 – California Started Legal Medical Marijuana followed by 9 other states2011-07-24 New York followed other states to become the latest state to legalize same-sex marriageCockfighting is next to be legalized again. Stand Up. Do Your Part. Be An Activist. Worldwide.

Posted by Cockfighting From All Over The World on Sunday, June 26, 2011

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