Laughing Roosters Worth Thousands of Dollars

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I’m sure everyone’s familiar with cockfighting. A game where roosters are breed and trained to fight inside a cockpit. The cockfighting have been widely known as an entertainment and business and for those who haven’t watch it yet, at least you have heard of it.

Well, here’s something you don’t hear everyday. There’s a rare breed of rooster from Indonesia called Ayam Ketawa or ‘laughing chicken’ and for Buginese it is called ‘Gaga’. This breed has the ability of clarity and unusual length of crows which made them unique from other breed of chicken. Their crows sounds more like a human laugh. Yes! Similar to a hilarious laugh of human.  This may sound unfamiliar to most of us but, it is common in Indonesia. Ayam Ketawa also symbolized courage, social status and heroism.

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In fact, there is a crowing contest for this breed of rooster. Numbers of Ketawa owners attend the contest and proudly display their chickens. Just like other competitions, owners of this chicken trained them- give time and effort for it to have the most perfect crows. It’s pretty easy job for these chickens.

Click this video.
Watch  and hear them laugh!









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