KFC Draws Flak for Shortage of Gravy

After running out of chicken two weeks ago, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the United Kingdom had another shortage that drew the ire of many.

This time, some branches of the fast-food giant don’t have gravy. KFC blamed it to its new delivery supplier, DHL.

“Gravy is available in the vast majority of our restaurants but a few may not have it owing to the ongoing distribution challenges DHL is experiencing,” KFC said in a statement. “We can confirm there is no specific issue with gravy.”

Customers are also complaining on social media the lack of corn, beans and wraps. One Twitter user ordered a “Tower” burger, but it came without hash browns, cheese and lettuce.

The UK is KFC’s largest market in Europe and one of its top five globally. Franchisees operate 95% of KFC’s outlets in the country.

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