Johnnie Jumper’s Jump to Success


Famous for his Jumper Kelso and Radio Line, Johnnie Jumper has made cockfighting as his life.

An American breeder, he started raising chickens when he was just seven years old.

He met the legendary cockfight enthusiasts such as Weather Kelso, Duke Hulsey, and Cecil Davis in 1950s to which he learned different methods of raising.

Johnnie made his name in the 1960s as he made his hobby to a business. He developed his famous bloodlines, the Jumper Kelso and Radio Line.

When Johnnie got his Radio Line from Cecil Davis, it was very noisy, hence the name Radio. Experimenting to different bloodlines, he crossbred this to Murphy, Whitehackle, and Kelso. The output is a high performance cock with high winning percentage. This embarked him to fame and success.

Careful picking of breed is what Johnnie Jumper separates from other breeders. He’s loved by cockfight enthusiasts in every place of this world.

Experimenting really puts us to somewhere. Not just scientists discover the greatness of nature but also game fowl breeders.

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