Iran’s Egg Production Exceeds Domestic Demand by 160K Tons

Iran remains a huge poultry egg producer despite getting hit by bird flu recently with about 160,000 tons of eggs produced in excess of domestic demand per year.

Annual production stands at 960,000 tons and with per capita consumption of the product pegged at 10 kilograms, the consumption amounts to about 800,000 tons a year.

This was reported by Nasser Nabipour, head of board of directors at Tehran’s Union of Producers of Egg-Laying Hen.

With the outbreaks of bird flu going down, exports are gradually resuming.

Afghanistan and Iraq have reopened their doors for Iranian poultry eggs. Last December 2016, Afghanistan and Iraq have banned eggs from Iran following bird flu outbreak reports.

Talakesh also noted that an egg shipment weighing around 20 tons was exported to Qatar earlier in June.

The only hindrance for the growth of exportation is the high price of Iranian eggs.

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