Iran Stocks Chicken, Red Meat for Iranian New Year

Iran has stocked nearly 50,000 tons of chicken and 25,000 tons of red meat to adjust prices in the local market.

According to Alireza Vali, CEO of Livestock Affairs Support Company, the reserved meat will be distributed in the market during the Norouz (Iranian New Year) holidays. The Iranian New Year’s holidays start on March 21.

Livestock Affairs Support Company is affiliated with Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Iran produces two million tons of chickens per year, enough to satisfy the high per capita demand of 26 kilograms a year. That per capita consumption is 11 kilograms more than the global average.

The same can’t be said for red meat. Iran only produces 800,000 tons of red meat per year, 100,000 tons short to meet the local demand.

“The 100,000-ton deficit is made up by imports, mainly from Brazil,” Vali said.

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