Iran Lifts Poultry Export Ban


After almost two months of disinfecting poultry farms in Iran, the Iran’s Veterinary Organization has informed the World Organization for Animal Health that the country is now safe from the virus.

Almost 24 provinces in the country were reported to be affected by the virus in March 2017, leading to the culling of 12 million chickens.

“OIE would confirm Iran’s report after carrying out investigations. If confirmed, Iran can resume the exports of eggs and chickens,” Nasser Nabipour, head of the board of directors at Tehran’s Union of Producers of Egg-Laying Chicken said.

The IVO has announced that the ban on exports of Iranian poultry has been lifted.

From March 2016 to March 2017, Iran has exported 40,000 tons of eggs, a far cry from the 95,000 tons exported in 2015.

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