Inside Puerto Rico’s Cockpit Arena

Cockfighting is an integral part of Puerto Rico’s culture and economy. Let us give you a glimpse of the cockfighting industry in this island through Club Gallistico de Puerto Rico.

Club Gallistico de Puerto Rico is one of the most famous venues of cockfighting in Puerto Rico with an entrance fee of $5.

It has bars, food stalls and stores selling cockfighting kits. During fights, you can ask waitresses to bring you food.

The gaffers can be found at the upper level of the arena. They are conveniently placed there to do their thing because the game fowls enter the arena from above.

You read it right. Game fowls are lowered into the arena like gladiators while inside a plastic container, adding excitement and spectacle to the fight. The betting will start once the game fowls are already in the arena.

Two game officials will hold the opposing game fowls to heat them up and coax them to fight. When the game fowls are ready to do battle, they will be placed inside a transparent container facing each other.

The container will gradually rise to release the game fowls and then the fight begins amid the cheering and cursing of the bettors.

A judge will declare the winner at the end of the fight. A game fowl is declared a winner if his opponent dies, runs away or falls and fails to get up within one minute.

Cash will change hands and go to the winning bettors.

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