Human Cases of Bird Flu in China on the Rise

The number of H7N9 cases in China is on the rise mainly because of the recent spurt of local infections in Beijing.

According to Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection (CHP), 27 more cases were reported from April 14 to April 20. Seven of new cases were fatal.

Out of the latest cases, 21 were exposed to poultry, poultry markets or market stalls. Their ages range from 34 to 79 and 16 are men and 11 are women.

China has now reported at least 639 cases in the unprecedented fifth H7N9 wave, at least 186 of them fatal.

Beijing’s H7N9 cases have soared to 13 after having only three cases a few weeks ago. Seven of the cases were local and six were imported from other places.

All local patients were exposed to live-poultry or poultry-market, three of them having contact with dead poultry.

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