How to Win a Cockfight

Just like roosters who fight with their heart to achieve dominance, we are all determined not to lose a single fight. But in reality the key in winning fights relies in our hands.

In the past, only those who have the funds can breed and acquire imported chickens. In order to compete in any cock fight, Filipinos then have to develop their own bloodlines. But today, even ordinary cockfight enthusiast can obtain imported chickens, making cockfights today more competitive.

However, winning cockfights has no single formula. Cockfight champions today learned their lessons by losing in fights. One should remember that to win, giving up should not be in their option. There is no proven bloodline that could beat all the others.

Courage is needed to win a fight. Believe that you can win and if you trust in the system that you use in training your game fowl, continue and work on improving it. Remember that proper training of game fowls a day before the fight is very important. The gaffer should not make a mistake as it could add up to the chance in winning or losing the fight.

Cockfighting is a game of chance. One cannot avoid losing, but surely has the chance to win. Just like other sports, cockfighting only has two athletes involved in every fight. You can be ‘meron’ or ‘wala.’ But what is important is you make the room for improvement and will never give up becoming the champion.

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