Hong Kong Poultry Sellers Seek Gov’t Support to Fight Bird Flu

Poultry sellers in Hong Kong are seeking government support to upgrade their facilities in wet market amid the threat of bird flu.

A recent consultant study suggested more stringent bird flu precautionary measures such as introducing physical barriers in poultry stalls to separate consumers from live birds.

According to Hong Kong and Kowloon Poultry Dealers and Workers Association Vice-Chairman Ma Ping-lung, the government could consider offering interest-free loans to vendors to complete the facilities upgrade.

“The ventilation system has to (support good air circulation). Air conditioners will also have to be installed in the entire wet market, and this will need consent from all vendors to see if the cost can be spread,” Ma said.

Ma added that the government should cover the upgrade expenses for public wet markets while noting that newly built wet markets already have glass doors that separate chickens from consumers.

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