Historical Family Farm in Danger of Closing

Historical family farm could be closed if an expansion plan will be rejected by the government.

With a plan to build a huge chicken farm that could hold up to 155,000 birds in Tewkesbury and Gloucester, residents of The Leigh are waging their concerns on smell that the facilities could produce.

But the Troughton family, who plans to build the facilities, said that the plan should be approved if the government does not want to kill the business that has created jobs.

“We contribute to the social diversity as one of the last active businesses in an otherwise dwindling rural sector. We have a long standing history of employing young people in the village, providing them with often much needed stability and skills. Even now we are part of a training apprenticeship scheme, encouraging young people within the agricultural sector,” said in a statement.

The authority’s development manager Paul Skelton meanwhile said, “There has been a great deal of local concern about certain aspects of this proposed poultry unit. In particular, concerns have been raised about the impact of the traffic in this rural area as well as the odor and noise aspects and the effect of the application on the listed church and its setting.”

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