Heat Quick to Inactivate Bird Flu Virus


A research found out that the avian influenza virus can be quickly inactivated by heat.

Cleaning and disinfection are commonly used in trying to inactivate avian influenza virus in a contaminated facility. The process of cleaning and disinfection focused on removal of all organic material and required extensive labor and costs.

Dr Erica Spackman of USDA ARS investigated various time and temperature profiles to effectively inactivate the avian influenza virus in poultry litter and determined that heat is a good alternative to complete removal of organic material.

During an outbreak, the research recommended that a poultry house should be heated to the highest temperature and for the longest time that is practical because at lower temperatures inactivation times were longer. The temperature of the litter should be monitored throughout the process.

The research also concluded that using heat could improve the safety of individuals involved in recovery at infected premises.

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