Guide to Enhance Chances of Winning in Cockfight


Game fowls have different fighting skills and characteristics, making it hard to predict who will win in a cockfight.

In this post, we will highlight four breeds and their chances of winning against each other based on the tips published by someone who claims to have won HK$2,000,000 in cockfights.

First is the Croad Langshan, a Striker. It is large game fowl with deep and long breast. The head is small and have light to dark beak. Its shanks and outer toes are slightly feathered.

Second is the Jersey Giant, a Grappler. It’s an aggressive cock with robust and fairly cold-hardy. They require large amount of food to reach its full grown size.

Third is the Rhode Island Leghorn, a Brawler. It’s a well-known game fowl for being tough. Usually, it has brown and black feathers.

Last is the Buckeye Brahma, an Armed. It has a yellow skin and a primary color of mahogany. It is generally calm, but some are aggressive too. It is the only American breed with a pea comb.

When those four breeds are matched against each other, the following would be the most likely outcome: strikers will beat grapplers but will lose to brawlers or armed; grapplers will beat armed and brawlers but will lose to strikers; brawlers will beat strikers but will lose to grapplers; and armed will beat brawlers and strikers but will lose to grapplers.

In line with that theory, a Croad Langshan (striker) will beat a Jersey Giant (grappler); Rhode Island Leghorn (brawler) will beat Croad Langshan (striker); Buckeye Brahma (armed) will beat Croad Langshan (striker); Buckeye Brahma (armed) will beat Rode Island Leghorn (brawler); Jersey Giant (grappler) will beat Buckeye Brahma (armed); and a Jersey Giant (grappler) will beat Rhode Island Longhorn (brawler).

This guide will give us a clue on what game fowl to use or bet on to maximize its potential of winning.

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