Giant Hypermarket Apologizes for Video Showing Maggots in Egg Trays

Giant Hypermarket apologized on Monday (February 12) following the posting on Facebook of a video showing maggots in several trays of eggs displayed at the chain’s Tampines branch.

The video posted on Sunday (February 11) showed maggots crawling across the eggs and some fly eggs inside the packaging.

A spokesperson for Giant clarified that there were no complaints about maggots from customers at Giant Tampines, but some staff members spotted them the following morning.

“The affected tray of eggs together with six other non-affected trays around it were immediately removed and discarded, and the area cleaned and sanitized,” said the spokesperson, noting that it was a member of the store operations team who discovered the affected eggs during their early morning routine store pre-opening check.

An “immediate check” was also conducted on the same batch of egg trays across all Giant stores and there were no reports of similar incidents elsewhere.

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