Game Fowl Matching

Matching of game fowls is pretty easy. Weigh them and classify them according to their size and you are good to go. However, there are instances that game fowls are not really matched with few differences in its size and weight. There is no issue about that as performance would determine the game results. 

In the Philippines, there is a practice that somehow put a disadvantageous game fowl to level with his opponent. It is called as “partida.” The practice is that they would give more weapon or money to the disadvantageous game fowl in order to match the fight and give the opportunity for the disadvantageous one to kill off the other.

Effectively there are fights that give kills the one who has the advantage in size and weight. But the question is, do you have to settle with this set up? For us, it is not. But for those who see the positive side of giving the opportunity for the disadvantageous, you can do with this plan. Cockfight’s rules evolves over time.

Do at your own risk. Just remember to enjoy the fight.

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