FUN FACTS: Things you didn’t know about Chicken


Just like cats and dogs, chickens are one of the most common animal that we are familiar with. But there’s more to them than how they taste. Well, unless you know that their ancestors  can actually ripped us in half.


For those who have kept chickens for any length of time, perhaps you know one or two things about them.  And sure you have pondered which came first, the egg or the chicken.

Here are some few weird things you didn’t know about chickens:

  • Chicken See Better Than Humans
    We humans have three different cone types in our eyes, which means we can only perceived red, green and blue colours. Unlike chickens that have an additional of two cone types which allows them to see ultraviolet light. No wonder why they can see sunrise right even before humans can.
  • Chickens Teach Each Other
    No it’s not only us humans who taught off springs. Hens taught their chicks from its very young age on how and what to eat. Here’s a proof.
  • Chickens do Dream
    Like humans, chickens also experience REM (rapid-eye-movement) while sleeping. According to science, this movement indicates the time we dream.
  • Chickens Outnumbered Humans By Roughly 4 To 1
    There are roughly about 25 Billion single type of chicken breed on earth! Besides from being the most common type of bird on the planet they nearly outnumbered us.
  • Dinosaur = Chicken
    They are said to be one of the closest relative of Tyrannosaurus-Rex. One team of researchers used chicken to observe how a killer dinosaur walks. Unbelievably strange to think that chickens in our backyard may evolved into something dangerous like T-rex! [source]


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