France Confirms New Bird Flu Case

A new case of bird flu was detected on a poultry farm in the northern Brillon region, near the French-Belgian border.

France’s agriculture ministry released a statement saying that a case of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu was confirmed on a poultry farm in Brillon.

The ministry said the affected poultry was located 15 kilometers from a non-commercial farm in Tournai where 11 bird flu cases were detected last June.

“To rapidly stop the virus’ spread, protection and surveillance zones are set up immediately. In these areas, movement of all susceptible animals is prohibited and bio-security measures are reinforced,” the ministry said.

France slaughtered 600,000 ducks in its southwest region of Les Landes earlier this year to prevent avian influenza contamination. The country imposed precautionary measures to prevent poultry contacts with wild birds and to restrict hunt in high risk areas following a series of bird flu cases across Europe in 2016.

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