Filipinos: The Cockfight Pastors

The Philippines proudly boasts itself as a cockfight haven, welcoming anyone who wants to be part of the P50 billion industry.

The spirit of cockfighting is evident to the Filipino culture. Filipinos, being amiable, love to share their culture to others. Native kinds of food are just one part of their culture they want foreigners to try. Pass by a group of men drinking along the street, and they would surely offer you a balot, a fertilized egg boiled and eaten from the shell.

In some other countries, foreigners would say that you could easily know that you have a Filipino neighbor when he smiles at you along the street and offers you their home made adobo, a chicken dish made with soy sauce.

This is how foreigners learn our unique culture in food, hospitality, and even sports. Cockfighting is just one of the sports that Filipinos are proud of and could consider as their own. Mel Sims, an American cockfight enthusiast has learned the sport through his Filipino neighbor who happens to be a breeder and offered him a chicken for $5.

He started to breed few bloodlines and later became famous in the industry in U.S. and Mexico. His record shows number of championships in derbies. He also became a champion in Intercontinental Derby of Mexico and U.S. and was awarded as Cocker of the Year in America.

Breeding only four bloodlines (Hatch, Grey, Red, and Kelso), Mel Sims maintained few bloodlines for a good combination of breeding. He prefers brood cock with tantalizing eyes and feathers with medium sized body.

Although he is already gone, his legacy in breeding and cockfighting will live on for future cockfight enthusiasts to take muse on.

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