Farmers Cautioned as Winter Enters

As the first official day of winter has been declared, The National Farmers Union of United Kingdom urged farmers to work safely on farms during winter.


Although the recorded fatalities last year has dropped compared to five year average, incidents have still been recorded with a farmer falling through a fragile roof and a vehicular accident.

NFU Vice President Guy Smith commented, “The last thing any of us want to hear about, particularly over Christmas, is a farming fatality, a grieving family and a community in shock.”

He added that, “figures for deaths on farm dropped to 29 last year but that downward trend hasn’t been maintained and it’s likely it’ll rise to nearer the average of 37 for 2016/17.”

The reason that you are in a hurry is not a good reason to risk your safety. Smith asked farmers to think of the consequences of not prioritizing safety if something serious happened to them.

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