England’s Poultry Restrictions Remain in 3 Areas


Poultry and captive bird restrictions in England have been updated Monday (May 15), leaving the areas of Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside under restriction.

The restriction started in December as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs declared England as a prevention zone due to a specific strain of avian influenza affecting parts of Europe.

It is applied to anyone who kept poultry including those with chickens at home.

Restrictions were relaxed in April so that keepers were no longer required to house poultry or have netting in place.

In Nottinghamshire, bird keepers must apply for a new general license for a bird gathering as the previous licenses have been revoked and are no longer valid.

All bird keepers, regardless of the number of birds they keep, are encouraged to continue to follow best practice especially around biosecurity. This includes cleansing and disinfecting of vehicles, equipment and footwear as a minimum requirement.

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