Eggs Help Fight Hangover

With celebrations happening everywhere this holiday season, even the heavy drinkers are expected to get a hangover at some point.

Here’s a tip for you: eat some eggs.

According to the British Egg Information Service, high levels of cysteine in amino acids found in eggs help people recover from a heavy night.

Eggs are rich in multivitamins with high-quality protein, B vitamins and vitamin D, which helps fight hangovers and improve alertness.

This explains the reason why egg is popular among those suffering from hangover.

A new survey by One Poll on 2,000 British adults showed that a full English breakfast is the fastest acting hangover cure and preferred remedy for those battling hangover.

Some 38 percent of those surveyed recovered from hangover in less than three hours after eating, 19 percent recovered within the same period after taking pain killers and 3 percent got better after staying in bed.

The survey also showed that 26 percent of popular hangover cures rely on dish that contains egg.

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