Egg Consumption Associated With Quality Diet

An egg a day keeps the doctor away.


New findings from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) support that new version of an old English proverb.

“Our research showed that higher egg consumption was associated with a higher diet quality score,” said Professor Manny Noakes, Research Director for Nutrition and Health of CSIRO.

“We all need to eat fewer junk foods and add more whole foods to our diets for overall better health. Eggs are an extremely nutritious whole food- a great choice in a healthy and balanced daily diet.”

Over 86,500 adults completed the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score, a scientifically validated online survey that assesses an individual’s self-reported food intake versus the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Findings from Healthy Diet Score showed Australians are consuming 5.7 eggs per week, with those under age 35 eating the most and those over 60 eating far fewer.

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, there is no increased health risks associated with consumption of eggs. It actually recommends daily inclusion of foods from the protein group, including eggs.


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