Drug-resistant Bacteria Found in Chicken in Metro Manila

Researchers from the University of the Philippines Biology and Natural Sciences Research Institute found poultry samples from the National Capital Region (NCR) contaminated with drug-resistant Campylobacter bacteria.

From the 265 samples taken, 202 were found to be contaminated with the bacteria.

Campylobacter bacteria causes 400 to 500 million cases of diarrhea in the US, with 1.5 to 2.5 million deaths annually, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

What alarmed the UP researchers are the resistance of the bacteria to common antibiotics.

“Nearly all of the isolates were resistant to clindamycin (98.6 percent), erythromycin (98.6 percent), nalidixic acid (98.1 percent), and tetracycline (94.2%), while resistance to chloramphenicol (52.7 percent) and gentamicin (65.2 percent) were not as prevalent,” the study’s findings said.

The test also revealed that highest level of contamination was found in chicken skin and liver. Metro Manila also poised higher result than previous studies from Laguna and Nueva Ecijja. Chickens from wet markets have higher levels of drug resistance than those from supermarkets.

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