Double Trebol: Tale of Basketball and Cockfighting Legend

Basketball legend-turned champion breeder Felix Trebol shared his breeding method in the 57th edition of Pit Games Magazine.

Trebol, who appeared on the magazine’s cover, first made his mark in basketball while playing for the Yco Painters, one of the most famous teams in land before the formation of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

He successfully transitioned to game fowl breeding after his basketball career and is now considered a legend in the cockfighting industry.

His method of raising chickens is somewhat unconventional, challenging common beliefs in farm management.

In the Pit Games Magazine article, Trebol revealed a unique way of ranging cockerels. According to him, he doesn’t put the pullets with the cockerels in the range so that they don’t fight early and stay longer in the range.

The 2013 Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association (NGBA) Breeder of the Year is hands-on in game fowl breeding. He works closely with his veterinarian and farm hands to make sure that proper vaccination for his chickens are administered using excellent game fowl products.

When it comes to feeds, Trebol never tried other brands of feed other than the one that he uses in his farm. He knows what really works for his farm and chickens and he sticks with it.

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