Does Leg Color Determines Egg Color?

If you are curious on what egg color your hen would lay and have heard that her leg color will determine it, that information might be false.

Chicken genes are not like with humans that the skin color of his parents would likely determine his skin color. Chicken’s leg color is a product of her genes. Depending on its color, it only determines her ancestor’s breed. Usually a white leg are due to her dominant genes. Yellow genes on the other hand are recessive genes.

Not just white or brown, eggs have different color such as blue or green. These colors are most obvious with specific breeds like Araucana.

But what really determines the egg color? Common way to determine is that the color of the chicken is the likely color of its egg. White chicken for white eggs and brown chicken for brown eggs. But this not always true.

Scientists have found out that all eggs are white and only shift its color due to its coating called protopotphyrin before it gets laid.

For its quality, color does not tell its quality. Only healthy chickens will produce healthy eggs.

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