Dicky Lim Hardly Hit by His Game Fowl

The veteran cockfight enthusiast Dicky Lim was reported to be confined in St. Luke’s Medical Center after being hit by his game fowl while handling it off the cockpit during the World Slasher Cup event.

Mr. Lim said that he was handling a feisty game fowl which has the high tendency to kick while being handled. Game fowl’s first kick attempt didn’t hit Mr. Lim, but it was on the second attempt that he was badly hit.

On the bright side, that game fowl won the said fight and surely Mr. Lim’s source of strength while being cured in the hospital.

All prayers for the fast recovery of the veteran cockfight enthusiast.

We remind every cockfight enthusiast most especially the handlers to take extra care in releasing the game fowl on the cockpit. The sharp knives are enough to endure fatal wound to anyone.

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