Denmark Lifts Poultry Quarantine Order

The Environment and Food Ministry of Denmark has lifted the three-month quarantine period on the country’s poultry.

This means Danish poultry can once again be exported and traded overseas.

On November 2016, a three-month quarantine period was imposed by the authorities in line with international rules after the discovery of avian influenza type H5N8.

“The main obstacle to us selling eggs and poultry to other countries has been removed, and we can begin negotiations with the individual markets to reopen exports,” said Troels Vensild, head on international trade division of Environment and Food Ministry.

Following the lifting of the quarantine order, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and Singapore also lifted their trade restrictions on Danish poultry.

The virus is still affecting Denmark, so poultry should still be monitored. February has recorded cases in Kalundorg and Lemvig with infected wild buzzard and peregrine falcon, respectively.

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