Crossing the Line: Mix of Line and Cross Breeding

We discussed line breeding and crossing in our recent posts. This time, we will give you a mixture of these breeding techniques.

Norman Method

This method relies on line breeding the brood fowls before crossing. Line breeding, of course, is inbreeding mates to one individual brood fowl.

In each generation, the breeder “doubles up” the genes of the offspring. By line breeding we try to produce individual(s) genetically close to the original brood fowl sire as mentioned earlier.

If you are a backyard breeder, chances are you do not have enough space to accommodate too many brood fowls for line-breeding.

In this case, line breed only to one brood fowl. Choose your most potent stag and hen as far as fowl traits appear, and breed back to that individual. Then you can cross the line bred progeny with other brood fowl.

Heterosis or hybrid vigor will not be as strong as a pure inbred fowl for line bred crosses, but will produce fighters with traits that complement other traits or add lacking traits from the inbred lines.

Everything depends upon the fight performance and potency of traits of your original pair of brood fowls and the selection process of each mating prior to the cross.

Narragansett Method

One method of inbreeding made popular by Frank Shy is the Narragansett Method.

This method advocates the continuation and fixing of traits of the bloodline of a potent game fowl sire to its progeny in “small doses” by repeated crossing of bloodlines from several mates (cousins to cousins) rather than intensive inbreeding (single bloodline).

Using an outstanding brood cock, single mate him with several hens and choose which ones produce the best offspring. If two hens produce very good fighters with similar fighting traits, the offspring of these two unrelated hens should be crossed.

This will be half-brother and half-sister mating which is 12.5% inbreeding. If you want to infuse new blood, be sure the fowl is the same as your original trio in conformation and fighting style.

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