Crooks are Stealing Rare Chicken Breeds in UK

Demand for trendy backyard chickens has never been higher – and thieves are increasingly making pure-breed birds a target, the NFU Mutual has warned.

The NFU Mutual tells Farmers Weekly that there’s an identified number increasing thefts of exotic chicken breeds. Although the number of claimed stolen chickens are low, many thefts are said to remain unreported according to Mutual.

“Thieves are clued up on which birds to target and how much they are worth, either for resale or breeding purposes.” -Philippe Wilson, vice-chairman of the Rare Poultry Society.

“Exhibition and commercial breeders are now installing 24-hour CCTV, full electric fencing and alarmed doors to deter – or, failing that – catch the criminals responsible for such thefts,” he added.

Just in April 2016, seven of rare-breed chickens were plucked from Trowbridge, located in Southwest England, a primary schoolyard, that brought many of the children in tears. No this is not a rare case since Norfolk police handled a 124 thefts in just over two-month period in 2014 according to Telegraph.

Thefts are targeting middle class homes with a few numbers of rare chickens. The families are being urged to secure their chickens with alarmed cages or a full sight of CCTV to prevent such incident.

Watch this video of stolen chicken incident:


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