Cockfighting Success Comes with Experience


Just like many things in life, success in cockfighting comes with experience.

Cockfighting is not taught in school even in the Philippines where it is legal and still considered by many as part of the culture.

If you want to start a career in the cockfighting industry, you need to get your feet wet. Go to cockpit arenas, learn the language of the sport and pick the brains of veteran cockfighters and cockfight enthusiasts.

Getting your game fowl is a challenge in itself as discussed in a previous post. You have to watch actual fights to get an idea what breed of game fowl you like. It is always better to buy from breeders who show confidence by betting on their game fowls in big fights.

Success does not come easy. You may get a good game fowl, but there is always someone better. So you need to learn how to enhance the fighting skills of your game fowl.

Research can help you learn the best ways to train your game fowls, but experience is still the best teacher. Experience will tell you what type of training is better suited for your game fowls.

Conditioning also plays a key role in fights. A better-conditioned game fowl will have the edge if the fight takes longer than expected. Again, research and experience will teach you how to condition your game fowls before fights.

There are other factors that help determine the outcome of cockfights, even the food you feed your game fowls can spell victory or defeat. But at the end of the day, you have to learn from experience whether it’s good or bad.

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