Cockfighting in Canary Islands: Culture or Torture?



Spaniards helped spread the sport of cockfighting all over the world, including the Philippines. Not surprisingly, many people from Spanish archipelago Canary Islands consider cockfighting a respected tradition, a huge part of their culture. For them, they will lose a lot if they lose it.

Animal rights activists in Canary Islands don’t view it that way. They say, “torture is not culture.”

Watch the video below and give us your thoughts.


  1. Itu says:

    It’s culture.
    Cockfighting does not fit the definition of torture.

  2. Jessie says:

    Culture. It is a fair fight so definitely it’s not a torture.

  3. Glen says:

    How about this. Go to Macdonald, KFC or any other fast food chain and put up your signs and placards. Make them stop serving food that is from animals meat. If you succeed on that, maybe then it is rational to go stop cockfighting. Stop being hypocrite. Turn your eyes to the biggest torturer of animals… The chicken and cow industries.

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