Chicks and Joy Beat Chickenjoy

The fast food chain that brought Chickenjoy to kids lost to the company founded by the man that brought chicks and joy to adults.

Jollibee Foods Corp., the Philippines’ biggest fast food chain, has lost a long trademark battle against Jolliville Holdings Corp., which was founded by Jolly Ting.

In a released statement, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) said that Director General Josephine Santiago reversed the 2014 decision of the agency’s Bureau of Legal Affairs (BLA) and granted Jolliville’s appeal to have its corporate name registered.

“In the absence of the likelihood of confusion between the Jolliville and the appellee’s Jollibee registered trademarks, there is no ground to prohibit the registration of Jolliville in the name of the appellant,” the IPOPHIL said.

IPOPHIL noted that both Jollibee and the Jolliville founder are successful in their respective fields.

“While (Jollibee) was making it big in the food service business so was Mr. Jolly L. Ting in the night entertainment business,” the IPOPHL said in its decision.

“As the owner of a string of night entertainment establishments such as Pegasus, Discovery, Mega Heartbeat, Lexus, he earned the moniker ‘King of Night Entertainment.’”

In 2013, Jollibee opposed the trademark registration of real estate firm Jolliville, saying it was “confusingly similar” with its name. IPOPHL BLA Director Nathaniel Arevalo ruled in favor of Jollibee in September 2014, compelling Jollivile to file for an appeal.

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