Chickens Are First Domesticated for Cockfighting, Not for Food

Image result for Chickens Are First Domesticated for Cockfighting, Not for FoodDo you know that chickens are first domesticated for religious and political purposes known as cockfighting?

Cockfighting is initially intended to encourage the youth of Athens to be valor enough to get into battles. It eventually evolved into a common pastime without any political or religious intention.

During the Athenian times, they exerted efforts to influence people in cockfighting. The Romans fell in love with cockfighting after conquering the Greeks and they even preserved the sport on their coins. As the Romans conquered almost a quarter of the world, they brought along the culture of cockfighting.

Even former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was rumored to be a fair referee in cockfights.

As the population continues to grow, demand for food supply became the primary reason for domesticating chickens. Some are even genetically mutating chickens for food production.


A Famous Traditional Cockfight with Rooster in Forest




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