Chicken Takes Spotlight Before Thanksgiving

Move over turkey. Chicken will rule the night before Thanksgiving.


Chicken People, an original documentary that shows the ups and downs of breeders and chickens on their way to competing at the Ohio National Poultry Show, will premiere November 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.

For an hour and 23 minutes, this documentary takes the viewers to the colorful and competitive world of champion show chicken breeders.

Directed by Emmy-nominated Nicole Lucas Haimes, the film follows three competitors in the National Poultry Show – Brian Knox, Brian Caraker and Shari McCollough.

According to Los Angeles Times, those three breeders are perfect subjects for Haimes in this documentary because they are warm, quirky and open.

The New York Times also gives a thumbs up to the three breeders, saying: “… these chicken people, with deep connections to their birds, make for a fun and at times astonishing film.”

Watch this video and give us your opinion!

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