Chicken Nugget Truck Crashes in Melbourne

A truck carrying 20 tons of chicken nuggets crashed into a car and overturned on the Hume Freeway in Melbourne’s north, causing traffic delays for 12 hours.

The B-double truck collided with a car parked in the city-bound emergency stopping lane in Epping. It caused the truck to crash through the center-median barriers and flip in the air before landing on its side across the northbound lanes.

Fortunately, the stationary car was empty and the driver and his dog emerged from the truck uninjured.

“The B-double has crossed onto the wrong side of the road, taken out center barriers and has ended up sideways on the outbound lanes of the freeway,” said Sergeant Dean Pickering of the Victoria Police.

A VicRoads spokesman said the truck carrying about one million chicken nuggets has spilled 1,000 liters of diesel onto the road. Recovery crews had to remove the boxes of food before they could get the vehicle upright and tow it away.

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