Chicken Inventory in Philippines Slightly Down

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed a 1.94 percent decline in the country’s chicken inventory – from 178.792 million at the end 2015 to 175.316 million at the end of 2016.

PSA data showed that 44.71 percent of the current inventory consisted of 79.398 million native chickens, which marked a 3 percent decline from 80.852 million recorded in the previous year.

Around 5 percent decline was also recorded in the inventory of broiler-chickens with 62.444 million in 2016 compared to 65.713 million in 2015.

Meanwhile, the volume of dressed chickens and egg-laying chickens expanded in 2016.

The dressed chickens recorded an 11.56 percent increase, from 508.242 million in 2015 to 567 million in 2016. while the egg-laying chickens increased by 6.97 percent to 34.473 million at the start of 2017.

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