Chicken Bone Makes Man Quadriplegic

Shane Barnbrook from Victoria, Australia was left a quadriplegic after accidentally swallowing a chicken bone.

Quadriplegic is a condition by which all four limbs in the body are paralyzed

The hospital found nothing abnormal and just gave him painkillers and hemorrhoid cream. After a day, the pain still bothered him and he was rushed to Northern Hospital for advance checkup and diagnosis.

He was operated in the abdomen where an infection was found. Three days later, Barnbrook’s condition got worse and was admitted for surgery again. After the second surgery, his wife was told that he was critically ill in the intensive care unit and unlikely to survive.

But a third surgery found a hole in his rectum and an infection was found on his abdominal wall. The discovery meant Barnbrook could be treated for sepsis – harmful bacteria and toxins in tissue, typically through an infected wound.

Unfortunately, Barnbrook was already a quadriplegic when he woke up in intensive care a week later. It was caused by “critical illness neuropathy,” which can happen after an infection.

Barnbrook then spent a year in the hospital and three years in rehabilitation and nursing home.

He is now suing two hospitals for not listening to him and not acting quick enough to help him. His lawyer, Tom Ballantyne, said the tragic case illustrates the catastrophic and life-changing consequences that can stem from medical errors.

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