Brazil Issues Advisory to Avoid Bird Flu

Although Brazil is free of bird flu, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) issued a health advisory in an effort to avoid potential spread of the virus.


This is not the first time for MAPA to issue a warning about bird flu because the disease is considered permanent threat to the world. According to MAPA, Brazil needs to redouble its efforts to protect the health of its poultry sector as the disease continues to spread across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“We are concerned with the migratory birds that come to the country to escape the winter in the Northern Hemisphere,” said Guilherme Marques, director of the Department of Animal Health at MAPA.

Brazil’s poultry industry is asked to apply stricter biosecurity measures.

“All members of the productive chain must be aware of the risk and prepared to face it. Any high bird mortality must be immediately reported to the official veterinary service so that veterinarians can be on the property within 12 hours to start the investigation,” Marques said.

The advisory restricts people, other animals, and vehicles to access farms. Veterinary teams training will also be intensified. In line with this, MAPA has also purchased equipment for emergencies and reviewed plans to battle the disease.

Brazil has 20 local sites monitoring the entry of migratory birds with active surveillance for avian influenza and Newcastle disease in domestic birds that live around 10 kilometers from each site.

At least 197 bird species can migrate to Brazil with 53 percent or 104 species reproducing in the country and 47 percent or 93 species breeding in other countries. Migration is one of the key factors in the spread of the disease.

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