Brazil Answers Salmonella Allegations

Brazil has denied the salmonella allegations regarding their exported poultry.

Reporting to the European Union’s Food Service Authority, they found out that no salmonella contamination has detected to their products.

But the European envoys have been insisting that Brazil needs to focus on improving their equipment for poultry raising and production.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply made a thorough inspection of the facilities and found no trace of typhimurium or enteritidis, which are harmful types of salmonella.

Brazil included in the report their way of ensuring safe poultry meat by hiring 300 veterinarians for almost two months with the agriculture inspectors and sending veterinary missions to France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, and Czech Republic.

European Union is a big market for Brazilian poultry with US$1.8 billion poultry exports in 2016.

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