Blue Mountain Sports Arena


Alongside Marcos highway of Antipolo city (East of Manila) stood the Blue Mountain sports arena. It was built in 2007 with a large general and VIP parking space. It is often patronized by aficionados and locals on both Derby and hackfights.

The arena often held qualifiers for Bakbakan yearly along with frequent promotions, events and hackfights.

Blue Mountains arena logo is iconic and nostalgic which reflects the same view when you look at it from Manila. The arena is also located near Restaurants and eateries that boast one of the most beautiful yet romantic skylines of manila.

Entrance Information:

PHP 100 per pax (hackfight)

PHP 250 per pax (Derby)

Address: Marcos Hi-way, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

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Information updated on 27 Aug 2016.

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