Bloodline: Guide to Winning Line

Bloodline is buzzword in game fowl industry. But is it really important?

Breeders usually say performance is the name of the game. But in the end, they can’t help but mention the lineage of their game fowl.

While performance should be the prime factor in selecting a game fowl, it is not unwise to consider the fact that particular fighting styles and degrees of gameness are associated with bloodlines.

Blood combinations play a role in determining the fighting value of a game fowl. Some correlate fighting style and gameness with leg color. They say that the dark-legged game fowls are brutes while the light-legged ones are stylish and careful.

By definition, bloodline means fowls that have a certain degree of blood relationship with one another. In this light, bloodline could mean different things.

Bloodlines whose characteristics are so stable that birds breed true to type whenever used as brood fowls are actually breeds.

When we say bloodline, we may mean strains of what are supposed to be breeds. These strains have been produced through the isolation of trios coming from a particular breed.

If we do infusion to perk our bloodline up, we are in fact doing crossbreeding.

Sometimes, we just want a particular brood fowl to be part of every fowl in our yard. So we line breed.

In short, when we talk about bloodlines we may be referring to breeds, strains of breeds, crossbreeds or line breeds.

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