Bird Flu Hits Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was hit by the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of bird flu, resulting to thousands of bird deaths and culling of thousands more.

The virus was reportedly detected at Irvine’s Private Limited last week, forcing the government to quarantine the company’s white meat and egg sub-sector. More than 7,000 birds were killed by the disease and the company had to cull an additional 140,000 to prevent it from spreading.

“The affected site is close to a small dam where there are a number of different migratory waterfowl, which are tentatively suspected to be (the) source of infection,” the report said.

South Africa and Botswana Government immediately issued a ban on Zimbabwean chicken products.

But local players in Zimbabwe’s poultry industry are not fazed by the ban, saying that the country hardly exports poultry produce anyway.

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