Bird Flu Causes Dip in Sales of Chicken Meat, Eggs

Sales of chicken meat and eggs in Bengaluru, the city capital of India’s southern Karnataka State, took a nosedive following the death of eight chickens due to bird flu.

According to Dr. B G Puttanna, head of the technical committee in Karnataka Poultry Framers’ and Breeders’ Association (KPFBA), the city has seen a 20-25% dip in sales of chicken meat and eggs over the past three days.

“Buyers are concerned about safety and want to know about the health of the birds, as it could be life threatening. However, it’s the country birds that got affected by the virus and not broiler chicken,” said Abdul Hafeez Jaleel, a wholesale chicken and egg dealer at Russell Market. Eight birds died in a chicken shop in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar last December 29 and reports from National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal confirmed that the deaths were due to the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The animal husbandry and fisheries department issued a notification declaring 1-10km radius of Bhuvaneshwari Nagar as “surveillance zone” and 1km around the chicken center as “infected zone.”

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