Bird Flu Affects Poultry Industry Outlook for 2017

The outlook of the poultry industry for 2017 is not so promising because of the increasing outbreaks of avian influenza according to Rabobank Global Poultry report for the last quarter of this year.


Recent outbreaks of the disease shook up global trade conditions and affected the industry outlook for Asia, Europe and Africa. Even the United States will be tested as it is still feeling the effect of multiple bird flu outbreaks in 2015.

This development came at the time when the industry is starting to recover from the impact of the 2015 outbreaks. The industry currently has strong market balances in most regions and ongoing low costs despite pressure from declining red meat prices.

The ongoing shortage of poultry supply in China will continue to affect global market conditions as imports to the country as well as Hong Kong are expected to remain high. This will benefit countries that are allowed to export directly to China while Chinese consumers will continue to face high prices for preferred products like chicken feet and wings.

Pressured trade volumes are also expected next year because of high avian influenza cases and increasing trade protectionism.

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