Bird Flu Affects Poultry Business in India

The recent outbreaks of bird flu affected the poultry business in Odisha, India as people avoid eating chickens and eggs.

Sales of poultry products in the state reportedly dropped by as much as 70 percent during winter, which is supposedly the peak season of the industry. Price of chicken meat was reduced to Rs 120/kg from Rs 140/kg in a month.

Price of eggs also fell from Rs 55 to Rs 50 per dozen. “Eggs are highly perishable items and we cannot store them for long, which is leading to huge loss,” said Jitendra Pradhan, a chicken and egg seller at Patia.

“Situation is really grim. Winter is the season when we do the maximum business. The sale is very low for the last one month and we don’t have money even to buy feed for the chicken. If the situation continues like this we don’t have any option but to let them die without food,” said Sk Karim, a poultry trader in Unit-IV market in Bhubaneswar, the city capital of Odisha.

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